About Us

Ever-Klear Pool Supply (previously Westside Pool Supply) has been family owned and operated for over 35 years. Still residing in the same location for so many years has made us “part of the neighborhood.” The long term relationship with customers (we currently have a dozen pools that have been on weekly service for over 20 years) has proven that even in a city as large as Phoenix we can still maintain a “small town” relationship with our customers.

Ever-Klear Pool Supply follows a philosophy of “Treat each other the way you would want to be treated, help each other the way we want others to help us, respect the knowledge each person has, and listen to each other and CARE about what is being said.” This is not only a philosophy that is followed when addressing customers but also each member of the Ever-Klear TEAM.

The Ever-Klear Pool Supply team has a combined 68 years of experience! To ensure our customers have a positive experience and understanding when visiting Ever-Klear Pool Supply… we have at least one bilingual team member available at all times! Whether pool side or in the store we have found our bilingual team members have created a “special link” within the community.

Our newest member has been with us for five years now allowing our customers to see the same dedicated and trained staff each time they visit. With our combined experience the Ever-Klear Pool Supply team is able to help those “do-it-yourself repairmen” as well as offering an experience repair person for each of their needs.

All this combined we are able offer our customers a great way to:

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