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Can I change a pool light myself?
Yes. Pool lights are held into the wall by one screw at the top of the light housing. Remove the screw the unit will come away from the wall and have enough cord to take to the pool deck, use the old light cord to fish your new cord to the junction box.

Do you have a mailing list?
Yes and we also have an email list. Being on our e-mail list allows you to receive special offers as well as advanced notice of any special mailings being sent out. Talk with one of our store staff members to get signed up today.

Do you offer pool service? What are your rates?
Yes. Once a week service is $75 per month plus chemicals or twice a week service is $95 per month plus chemicals. Please call and speak with one of our experienced staff members for any further questions regarding service.

How do I clean the waterline from my pool tile?
There are chemicals you can add to the water to help loosen the particles or regular tile cleaners and of course pool stones and some good old fashioned elbow grease!

How do I treat my green pool?
To begin treating your green pool we would first suggest a water sample for analysis. With the sample water we will be able to determine which chemical are or are not present. Normally we treat with an algaecide and shock or liquid chlorine.

How long do I run the pump each day? Why?
Good rule of thumb is one hour for every 10 degrees of heat (i.e. 80 degrees run pump 8 hours) This allows the pool water to filter as needed with our warm temperatures.

How much DE do I add to my DE filter?
One scoop (we do have de scoops that measure) for every 5 square feet of filter area (i.e. 48 sq. ft. filter requires 9 scoops of DE)

How much water do I need for a water test?
About 8 ounces is adequate.

How often do I have to clean the cartridges in my cartridge filter?
Clean your cartridges with a 10 lb pressure rise on the tank, normally ever 6-8 weeks. Keeping a good cleaning schedule as well as thoroughly cleaning will increase the life of your cartridges.

I need a repairman, what is your service call rate?
Service call rate is $75 per hour.

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